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What Our Clients Say

The Barnett Wealth Management team is approachable, humble and well-educated in the services they provide. What I find most enjoyable is their personal, down-to-earth approach. They talk to me as an equal. They are the only advisory team that I have worked with where I walk away from meetings feeling confident and in control. All my questions and concerns are addressed. I appreciate that they are willing to try new things to help uncover what will work best. My savings has been astronomical when it comes to my life insurance on my mortgage. I have also referred them to my current employer.

T.M., Professional

The Barnett Wealth Management team is extremely knowledgeable and friendly. Their customer service is phenomenal. It's amazing how quickly they respond to any inquiries. They come to our office to make sure any claims are handled efficiently, smoothly and promptly. They really do go above and beyond and they are approachable and compassionate. I certainly would recommend the Barnett Wealth Management team. You will not be disappointed with the customer service and value.


B.N., Group Benefits

Since working with the Barnett Wealth Management team, my planning is now more organized and deliberate. I no longer feel like I'm "winging it." My best interests are considered in the present and for the future. The team is approachable, caring and friendly. I feel at home when I work with them. What I find most valuable is the education they provide - I now understand my investments and insurance. They help with my business and personal planning and they have a significant amount of services available. For anyone considering Barnett Wealth Management, they know financial management inside and out and will get you where you need to be.

A.R., Business Owner

Our advisor is doing very well with our money. At Barnett Wealth Management, they are very thorough, personable and astute with handling our needs. They are also friendly, caring and understanding. They zero in on what is important to us and they are wonderful at helping us with the tax implications relative to our stage in life. Our financial life has improved tremendously. We trust our advisor and the execution of our plan. The markets will change but they keep us on track and let us know if we need to make changes. We have financial security and are delighted with the excellent solutions and ideas brought forward.

J.M. & L.M., Retired

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