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Wealth Accumulation and Preservation

Investment Portfolios

You understand basic investment principles but most likely do not know how to translate this into a suitable investment strategy. We will examine the importance of proper diversification, asset allocation and will illustrate that even though you may have investments with several institutions you can still use those to build one effective portfolio.

Effective Tax-Strategies for Non-Registered Savings

If you have accumulated savings in a non-registered vehicle, either owned personally or through your company’s retained earnings, you should be aware of some new ideas to enhance returns and significantly reduce or defer the tax paid on your growth.

  • Are you interested in saving 50% of the tax on your investments?
  • Are you interested in a vehicle that guarantees an income, guarantees your principle, guarantees your rate of return and substantially outperforms a normal GIC return?

Executive Compensation Programs

Advantages of these programs include:

  • Significantly enhancing retirement income.

  • Corporately funded retirement plans paid for with tax-deductible dollars.

  • The most tax efficient way to move a potentially large amount of money out of your business either now or in preparation of selling your business.



Tax and Estate Planning

Estate planning is the process of organizing a tax-efficient transfer of your assets to specific people or charities. It will help ensure your estate is divided according to your wishes, rather than the government’s wishes. In addition, it can help to minimize taxes, so more of your estate is left for your heirs. 

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